Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Abigail Sorrell


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Abigail Sorrell

June 16, 2023

As the school year winds down, seniors are looking forward to graduation and other students are looking forward to moving up a grade. For Warwick Valley Middle School eighth grader Abigail Sorrell, the consensus among her teachers is that Abigail’s future is very bright.

“Abigail can do it all,” said WVMS music teacher Shane Peters. “Singing, yes. Cello, yes. Art, yes. She’ll leave you saying ‘wow’ – whether it’s hearing her sing, play cello or showing off her artwork. Abby is such a creative force in this school who is destined to do amazing things.”

The year Abigail excelled in art class, in the chorus and on the cello. She’s looking forward to joining her older sister Emily, who will be a senior, in the high school in the fall.

“I’m kind of excited for next year, and a little nervous,” Abigail said. “I have no idea where I’m going at the high school, but my sister said she’d help me find my way around. It will be fun.”

Abigail plans to play cello in the orchestra, sing with the Jazz Choir and take art electives at the high school. To prepare for the orchestra, she’ll begin taking private lessons this summer. Abigail has been playing the cello for five years. She chose the instrument because of the way it sounds and because it’s a big part of the orchestra.

“Abigail is very hard working and is intrinsically motivated to improve, said Christy Brown, a music teacher and orchestra director at WVMS.” She quietly goes about her business and leads by example. Always well prepared, Abby is a dependable musician that can always be counted on to perform her part. Her work ethic and focus are going to take her far.”

WVMS art teacher Julie Cosco also talked about how Abigail leads by example with her talent and kind demeanor. Ms. Cosco described Abigail as a wonderful artist and an asset to her art class.

“Abigail puts her own style into all of our projects and the result is a unique piece of art that embodies her own artistic method,” Ms. Cosco said. “She also offers advice and insight to those around her. She even showed me a useful trick on how to better use plaster during our animal building unit.”

Abigail’s favorite project in her art class this year was a portrait of the character “Venom”. She enjoys drawing characters from movies.

“With art, at the beginning, it’s kind of hard figuring out what you’re going to draw,” Abigail said. “But once you start to draw, it all comes together and then it’s really nice to see the outcome.”

Abigail also competed on the WVMS track and field team this spring in the long jump, high jump and hurdles. Next year she plans to join the WVHS crew team.



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