Students win! Students win! 3rd annual WVMS students v. faculty kickball match in the books


Students win! Students win! 3rd annual WVMS students v. faculty kickball match in the books

June 20, 2023


Throngs of excited fans made their way from the Middle School to the sidelines, fences and bleachers of Wildcats Varsity Softball Field, creating an electric atmosphere on an otherwise gray Tuesday morning. They were there to cheer their team on as Warwick Valley Middle School students and staff squared off in the 3rd Annual WVMS Students vs. Staff Kickball Game! 

The public address announcer for the day was Associate Principal Mr. Jared Yapkowitz, and umpiring was handled by Mr. Mike Potter and Mr. Phil Szumlaski from the WVMS Phys Ed department, and Associate Principal Mr. Chris Radon.

As the teams warmed up with calisthenics and strategizing alongside their respective dugouts, the teachers’  undefeated streak loomed heavily over the student team like the morning’s menacing cloud cover. But, the only thunder that was to occur, would be from the feet of the 2023 student team, who jumped out to an early 3-0 lead.

The shutout didn’t last, as the teachers were finally able to put a run on the board by the third inning. Their rally was short-lived however, when the students dropped another three runs on them with timely, well-placed hitting.

As the game moved into the late innings, the stakes were raised when Mr. Botta booted a three-run, inside-the-park homer to put the teachers within two — easy striking distance for a team known for its power line-up and big innings. History must have again weighed on the students’ minds, but they regrouped with some stellar defense to close the frame.

The score stood at 6-4 heading into the final innings. Either a first-time win or a title defense were within reach.   

The students did not put any more runs on the board in the eighth or the ninth innings, and instead had to rely on the scouting reports and fine tune their defense to counter each kicking teacher.

And it worked!

The teachers were stymied during last licks and the WVMS Kickball Champions trophy went to the students for the first time in the tournaments’ storied history.

Congratulations to the student team for its well-played 6-4 victory over the teacher team.  

Here is a gameday gallery from the championship…


Student Kickballers

  • Eugene Cummings
  • Logan Jarer
  • Bobby Schluter
  • Jack Walsh
  • Frankie Zottola
  • Diego Torres
  • Adriel Baez
  • Nick Hefner
  • Nick Ryan
  • Matthew Iriarte

Faculty Kickballers

  • Warren Patafio
  • Justin Larkin
  • Kim Brady
  • Mark Botta
  • Chelsea Fox
  • Jessica Kyritsis
  • Kyle Putnam
  • Brad “Kickball” Garcia
  • Taylor Mann
  • Lenora Shoock
  • Garett Woods
  • Teadie Becker
  • Tom Rauschenbach
  • Kevin McGovern
  • Bill Menkens
  • Deb Girardi
  • Madeyln Layng
  • Anthony Gray


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