Student Volunteer Opportunities

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Requesting High School volunteers

Local non-profit organizations may request student volunteers for community service and to have their opportunity posted at the high school.

The following information about your volunteer opportunity is needed:

  • Name of event
  • Date
  • Location
  • What activities volunteers will be helping with
  • Time volunteers are needed
  • Approximately how many volunteers are needed
  • Contact information for the event, including a name, email and phone number

Submit your information to the High School Guidance Office:

Mary Fox
Director of Counseling
845-987-3050, Ext. 12601

Students: keep track of your volunteer hours!

Students, to submit your hours for community service, please see the Guidance Google Classroom for your graduating class. Students must submit the Google Form and verification from the supervisor to be awarded credit for the event.  Please make sure that you also submit the signature and contact sheet so that these hours can be verified.