Student newspaper The Survey turns 100


Student newspaper The Survey turns 100

June 6, 2022

The latest edition of The Survey is out now! And this final edition of the 2021-2022 school year is unique in a few ways.

First and foremost… This edition marks the student publication’s 100th anniversary! The Survey began as a four-page weekly that was written by (maybe) a dozen students. The staff has grown over the years and today has 50 writers and editors.

(l-r) Co-editors-in-chief Jenna Mosier & Maya Bieling

In this issue, we highlight articles spanning several decades, taking note of the topics that interested us and how the magazine has changed over time. Co-Editors-in-Chief Jenna Mosier and Maya Bieling spent a lot of time poring over old editions of The Survey. Warwick’s Deputy Historian, Sue Gardner, has some vintage print editions in her archives, which she shared share with the staff. A special thank you goes out to Athletic Director Greg Sirico for his help in pulling together the great article on WV athletics history.

This edition is also the first to be produced almost solely by Journalism 1 students, as they prepare for potential editorships in Journalism 2.

“It was an immense undertaking,” said advisor Carrie Lynn Taylor. “Not only did the Journalism 1 students learn how to use InDesign — the same software used by many professional publishing companies — but they put together our longest Survey yet, at 32 pages!”

The edition includes a good read for everyone, including a four-page spread about the journalism group’s trip to Citi Field, recaps of the spring drama production and Section IX championship seasons, music reviews, stories about social media and online trends, tattoo talk, life hacks, travel pieces, and much more!     

You can read the new edition of The Survey below, or download a PDF copy by clicking here.

You can also visit The Survey here and here to read back issues! The journalism department thanks everyone for their continued readership and support, and hopes you enjoy this anniversary edition of news from Wildcats country.


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