‘Rigamajig’ tool kit provides Park Avenue Elementary students with STEM/STEAM teachable moments


‘Rigamajig’ tool kit provides Park Avenue Elementary students with STEM/STEAM teachable moments

May 8, 2019

teacher speaking to student holding Rigamajig parts

Park Elementary School students are seeing first-hand how fun cooperative learning and problem solving can be, while developing additional cognitive learning skills through the use of the Rigamajig tool kit. 

The award winning Rigamajig tool kit was developed with the idea of providing meaningful play opportunities for children using STEM/STEAM education principles. The kit provides a focus on science, technology, engineering, math and art through hands-on, inquiry-based learning and provides children opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration and critical thinking.

Students with the rigamijig

Park Avenue’s Media Center serves as the Rigamajig’s makerspace, with students using wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope as the tools to foster their curiosity and creativity.

“This helps kids to think on their feet, and work with materials to create a structure that rolls,” said media specialist Scott Sibilla. “Students in all grade levels are becoming engineers. They have a problem and they have to create a solution based on the activity. Collaborative problem solving and cognitive thinking skills are critically important.”

Students with rigamgig parts

As he watched, second-graders worked in four groups with Rigamajig materials to create their rolling structures.

As they talked among themselves, students looked at the various parts, deciding what pieces should go with what to design and complete their task.

“I’ve learned to work together,” said Nico Green, as he and his group analyzed their structure.

Students with rigamajogs

Courtney Ziegler also felt there was value to teamwork.

“It’s fun because I’m working with my friends,” she added. “I’ve built a structure. We’re making new things.”

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