PIE 3-4 students’ painted rocks going to Yuma


PIE 3-4 students’ painted rocks going to Yuma

October 26, 2020

For the past several weeks both hybrid PIE 3-4 classes have been studying Community.  Centered around the theme of Roxaboxen, written by Alice McLerran, the classrooms created their own working communities complete with mayors, mechanics, bakeries and maps.

Inspired by the book of childhood memories growing up in the early 1900s, Roxaboxen is a real place, an open space with no grass or playground. Instead, children are encouraged to use their imaginations with rocks and boxes, just like in the story. 

Parent volunteers joined the classes, virtually, to close out the unit inspiring students to paint a rock with a symbol of what it means to be from their Warwick community.  In collaboration with the Culture Division at the Yuma Arizona Art Center Project, they will place the students’ painted rocks in the park, leaving a piece of Warwick for others to imagine with. 

If you ever make it to Yuma in person, be sure to look for rocks with apple trees and purple bear paws!

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