Park Avenue publishing party celebrates young authors, writing and reading


Park Avenue publishing party celebrates young authors, writing and reading

January 23, 2024
Young authors in Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Hobart’s classes hosted a Nonfiction Publishing Party on Monday afternoon to showcase the school-wide release of their original non-fiction works!
The afternoon was a celebration of all the wonderful things about writing and reading, and Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Hobart were proud to have their students’ work as the centerpiece. All of the publications were arranged and presented together as part of a Publishing Gallery Walk, where fellow Park Ave. students could read and enjoy them.
The student authors were brimming with excitement and anticipation to have their peers read their texts. From the readers’ standpoint, students were captivated by their classmates’ takes on a wide range of topics, and found their curiosities piqued!
The students have been working on their non-fiction texts with diligent research and careful composition, to create effective and engaging “teaching stories” on topics that they chose. They employed important aspects of nonfiction writing, such as addressing real people, places, and events. The stories they tell in their nonfictions are true, and contain information that can be proved to be true.
And… as you may know, ’tis the season to celebrate authors! This year’s Newbery Award honors were just announced!* So, as part of the Nonfiction Publishing Party celebration, the students who read the stories were invited to award their favorites with a ribbon mimicking a real-life Newberry!
Congratulations, to all of the SES authors for their hard work and achievements, and for hosting such a wonderful literary event for their peers.  

* And, congratulations to one of our fav authors and a tireless advocate for youth writing, Dave Eggers, whose novel, The Eyes and the Impossible (McSweeney’s/Knopf), won the 2024 Newbery Medal for most outstanding contribution to children’s literature.           


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