Modified Wildcats show teacher appreciation every game day


Modified Wildcats show teacher appreciation every game day

May 7, 2024

For the past three seasons, the WVMS Wildcats Modified Football team has been sharing its attitude of gratitude toward teachers with everyone! The players and coaches organized a weekly teacher recognition campaign they called… My Jersey, Your Impact!

Each game day during the modified season, Wildcat players pick a teacher who’s made a meaningful and memorable impact on them. Then, they visit that teacher’s classroom and present them with their jersey as a way of expressing their gratitude. Most importantly, each player shares something about what the teacher’s guidance has meant to them during their middle school experience. The teachers display (or even wear) the jerseys in their classrooms leading up to the game.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, here is a look back at this year’s honorees and their corresponding Wildcats. And… you can check this link to read some My Jersey, Your Impact! stories from the past few seasons.

Here are some of the sentiments of gratitude players shared. Scroll down for a gallery of jersey presentations.

Gino Rudolph chose to thank math teacher Ms. Cronk, for always being kind to him and willing to help.

Ernie Walker chose to thank his fifth grade teachers, Ms. Thomson and Ms. Rose, for always looking out for him and really helping him get through a difficult time.

Anthony Spinelli chose to thank his French teacher, Mr. Justiana, for his kindness, sense of humor, and the care he shows for his students.

Jameson McCormick chose to thank his seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher, Mr. Zwart, for always making the learning atmosphere in his class enjoyable, with mutual respect and a great sense of humor.

Cormac Mezzetti chose to thank his seventh grade science teacher, Ms. Waters, a phenomenal teacher whose guidance he appreciated throughout seventh grade, and who he credits with always keeping him on track.

Jason Brady chose to thank Ms. Wendt, whom he’s known all his life and considers one of the best teachers he’s ever had.

John Butler chose to thank Mr. Gouveia, his favorite middle school teacher, who always made science fun.

Maddox Eschman chose to thank WVMS associate principal Mr. Radon, for how he makes school fun with a great sense of humor. The “best assistant principal [he’s] ever had!”

Bobby Mosier chose to thank his seventh grade math teacher, Ms. Cronk, who he knows he can count on for anything. Special thanks for all of the extra help Ms. Cronk provided during her lunch breaks.

Charlie Ronan chose to thank social studies teacher Mr. Patafio, for not only the energy and sense of humor he brings to the classroom, but those signature Patafio fist bumps in the hallway!

Owen Umbach chose to thank his favorite teacher ever, Mr. Gouveia, for the many ways he makes learning fun. 

John Vega chose to thank math teacher Ms. Cronk, for always being a kind and nurturing teacher. Math is John’s best subject, and he thinks that has plenty to do with Ms. Cronk!        

Azariah Morgiewicz-Devereaux chose to thank Mr. Gouveia, the “best teacher I ever had.”

Jake Hernandez chose to thank Mr. Gouveia. “I haven’t always been good at science,” explained Jake, “but Mr. Gouveia made it interesting and exciting. Now, I’m in honors science!”

Holden Corday chose to thank ELA teacher Ms. Wright, for the trust that she builds with her students, and her fun sense of humor.

Nick Ramos chose to thank Mr. Peters, for his sense of humor that made general music class so engaging. “The best music teacher I ever had,” said Nick!

Preston Dwyer chose to thank his seventh grade social studies teacher, Mr. Zwart, for being a kind person and positive role model.


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