Middle School renovations underway, will continue over spring break


Middle School renovations underway, will continue over spring break

March 15, 2019

There’s been lots of activity since district residents approved the 2017 capital improvement proposal that included safety upgrades and enhancements to learning spaces throughout the district, and in the coming weeks workers will take advantage of weekends and spring break to continue work at the Middle School.

Renovations and improvements to the Middle School began in early March as workers began the transformation of the library into a 21st century learning center. The capital project also includes the relocation of the main office from the center of the building to front,  and a security vestibule will be installed and the school’s entrance. Music programs will be housed in a redesigned and expanded area adjacent to the school cafeteria.

On the weekend of March 22, contractors from TBC Environmental Services, a certified asbestos removal company with a long history of safe and reliable work, will remove non-friable (non-hazardous) asbestos tiles from the computer server storage closet. A sink near the library,  which years ago was installed using adhesive containing small quantities of asbestos, will also be removed.

During spring break (April 15-22), TBC will remove floor tiles from the art room storage and PTA storage closets; an office sink, and bulletin, chalk, and white boards installed in the music room using adhesives containing asbestos.

All of the asbestos abatement will occur while the school is closed to students and instructional staff.

Asbestos is either friable or non-friable. Friable asbestos crumbles easily and becomes airborne; non-friable asbestos is solid and does not become airborne. All asbestos set to be removed as part of the Middle School project is non-friable.

Please be assured that the work presents no health hazard. As required by law, air samples will be collected after each phase of asbestos abatement is completed, then tested and certified as safe.


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