Many 3rd and 4th grade students return to in-person learning


Many 3rd and 4th grade students return to in-person learning

March 16, 2021

The district reached another milestone in this atypical school year, as third and fourth grade students who had been attending classes on the hybrid model returned to full-time, in-person learning on Monday.


Students in both Cohorts A and B were together again at Park Avenue and Sanfordville Elementary Schools for the first time, and there was plenty of excitement.

“The kids are excited and we are too,” said Park Avenue teacher Diane Kilbride. “It’s wonderful to have more of them back with us, and it feels like the beginning of a sense of normalcy.”


Park Avenue third grade teacher Camille Cappa said that Monday had an energy similar to what you experience on the first day of school.

“With students from both cohorts back together, everyone was so happy to see people they hadn’t for a while,” said Ms. Cappa. “There was a lot of excitement this morning, and the students got right back to learning, so it was basically business as usual by snack time.”

Lots of students mentioned that getting back together with friends from “the other cohort” was their favorite part of the day, including in Ms. Lori Sirico’s third grade class at Sanfordville.

“We even welcomed a new student to our class today,” said Ms. Sirico. “It’s been exciting.”

Ms. Rose Anne Kuzmiak, fourth grade at Park, said her class had also been riding a high of excitement in the morning, between reunions with friends and the students’ general enthusiasm for class.

“This will be particularly good for students who thrive on a more regular daily routine,” Ms. Kuzmiak pointed out.


To read more about the process of returning to full-time, in-person learning for hybrid students, as well as other progress being made as the district continues to adjust to the circumstances of the pandemic, click here for Dr. Leach’s message on Sunday, March 14.


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