ENL students at WVMS celebrate book launch


ENL students at WVMS celebrate book launch

June 6, 2024

Among of the classroom goals set by English as a New Language (ENL) teacher Chelsea Iasello for the 2023-2024 school year was to “instill grit in [her] students” by having them take on immersive writing projects. For one such project, Ms. Iasello challenged her middle school ENL class to collaborate on researching and writing their very own book!

Gallery: Meet the authors and see some scenes from the launch party below this story. 

Each student contributed a portion of the book by writing stories about their own cultures, as well as other cultures in which they are interested. They shared personal experiences and talked with family about their own cultures, and did research on the cultures they wanted to explore more deeply.

Their final product, a book titled From Our Cultures to Yours, was celebrated on Tuesday afternoon, when students, staff, and parents gathered to celebrate for the authors’ exciting book launch.

Excitement and the delectable aromas mingled in the air as the students, WV staff and special guests gathered to celebrate the hard work the students put in on their way to becoming published authors. The launch party gave everyone a chance to hear portions of the book read aloud and to peruse the pages with the authors themselves. There was also a tasting party element to the afternoon, when everyone got to sample foods from some of the cultures featured in the book.

Gallery: Meet the authors and see some scenes from the launch party below this story.

Working together on From Our Cultures to Yours provided the WVMS students with opportunities to practice their writing skills as they learned about new cultures. The project helped them learn to work collaboratively and gain a broader understanding of global citizenship. 

“This book was truly a labor of love,” said Ms. Iasello. “I am so proud of these students for their hard work, and it was so inspiring to see all of the district staff, teachers, and parents come together to show their support. What better way to celebrate this awesome accomplishment and cultural diversity, than over delicious, authentic cuisine from the very places that made us who we are today?”

Meet the authors and see some scenes from the launch party…


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