Community Message: Update your email to receive the latest community news all year


Community Message: Update your email to receive the latest community news all year

June 30, 2021

Dear Warwick Valley neighbors,

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest in, and the enthusiasm you’ve expressed for, the community-related messages our District shares each week. We enjoy helping get the word out about the many activities and opportunities our vibrant Warwick Valley has to offer, and we want you to continue to count on us to get that good news out regularly.

To better serve all of you in that role, the District is changing the delivery system we use to send these notifications. Beginning today – Wednesday, June 30 – we will be discontinuing the use of School News Notifier (SNN), the email system we’ve been using to date. SNN is the opt-in service that includes communications such as our weekly Community eBulletin (formerly the eBackpack).

Please note that SNN messages do not include school-related updates such as closings and delays, or other time-sensitive or emergency messages. These are sent to students and their families using a separate, designated platform.

As we switch to our new delivery system this summer, we’re making it simple for you to continue to receive our community-focused emails.

To confirm that you’d like to continue to receive them, all you need to do is use the link below to submit your name and email address. Your email, whether it is the one you’ve been using to receive SNN messages or an updated address, will be added to the District’s private community messaging email list.

That’s all you need to do! You will continue to receive the messages you’ve enjoyed about local not-for-profit events and other community-related news. We look forward to staying in touch this summer, and to the exciting 2021-2022 school year ahead.

Thank you, as well, to the many local organizations who share their information with us so that we can share it with you, our valued neighbors.

Have a great summer! Please use the link below to confirm your email.

WVCSD Community News Opt-In



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