Warwick district leaders, Board of Education are advocating for change

Warwick Valley Central School District and many districts throughout the state are facing a severe fiscal crisis. The downturn of the national economy, coupled with new mandates and the state’s tax levy limit, has challenged public schools to continue to provide a high-quality education to all students with significantly fewer resources. As a result, districts are making devastating cuts to educational programs as they adjust to rising costs that are outpacing revenues.

The threat of state aid reductions looms over our district year after year, while the cost of state and federal mandates continue to increase. It is time for our community to take action and learn how to create a unified voice for change.

After reducing the increase in annual expenses by approximately $12 million over the last three years, the phrase ‘doing more with less’ seems overused and increasingly unrealistic.

Without some relief at the state level, this district will have no choice but to do LESS with LESS.

Today’s students must meet higher academic standards than those for any previous generation. They must graduate college- and career-ready so they can successfully compete in an increasingly competitive, challenging and diverse job market. They must master core subjects such as English and math, soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking and technological skills such as digital communication and literacy.

Be the change…

Now is the time to join together and be the change for our students and our community. A strong, grassroots voice is necessary in order for the concerns of our schools to be heard in Albany.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. Advocacy takes many forms. It could be a letter to an elected official, a comment made during a public forum, a letter to the editor or formal testimony at public hearings. Effective advocates do their homework. They know the issues and plan their communication. Most of all, they give of their time to advance their cause.

Remember: Advocacy is about giving a voice to the issues, people and principles you care about.

Thank you for taking the time to advocate on behalf of the students of Warwick and for helping to ensure that they continue to receive the high-quality education they deserve.