2017-18 proposition to replace five school buses

2017-18 proposition to replace five school buses

On May 16, voters will also consider a separate proposition to purchase five new school buses as replacements for five older buses.

The maximum estimated cost of the five buses is $510,000. Nearly 60 percent of the cost, or $285,600, would be returned to the district in transportation aid. The net cost for the five new buses, after trading in five old school buses and applying the transportation aid, would be approximately $214,911. This amount would be financed over a five-year period.

The District uses a long-term replacement plan to guide the bus and equipment purchases put before voters each year. Each year a certain number of older buses are phased out and replaced by newer models. The annual replacement plan of the existing bus fleet has helped to maintain student safety and control repair and maintenance costs on older buses. The replacement plan has also helped the District establish an excellent safety record with the New York State Department of Transportation.

Generally, the District replaces 11-, 12- or 13-year old vehicles, which have higher mileage, higher repair costs and are less reliable.

“The idea is to rotate out buses at the end of their useful lives and replace them with new ones,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Timothy Holmes. “New vehicles carry lower maintenance costs during the first five years when they’re still under warranty.”

The State Education Department recommends replacing small buses every five to seven years and large buses every 10 years. If approved by voters, this proposition would allow the District to replace buses that have logged an average of 140,000 miles over the past 11 or 12 years.