Board Committees

Board Committees

Board of Education Committees

Advocacy/Local “Fair Funding”

  • Lynn Lillian, Chair
  • Sharon Davis


  • Robert Howe, Chair
  • Sharon Davis
  • Thomas Maslanka
  • Gloria Menoutis (Community Member)
  • Alan Hauser (Community Member) 

Community members interested in joining the Audit Committee should contact Mr. Timothy Holmes at

Emily Vail Scholarship

  • John Garcia, Chair
  • Beth Filipowski (Community Member)


  • Dory Masefield, Chair
  • Bill Fanos
  • Robert Howe


  • Lynn Lillian, Chair
  • John Garcia
  • Daniel Mahoney

Health and Wellness

  • Robert Howe

Note: All committee meetings are open to all Board members.

The Board of Education President serves ex-officio on all committees.

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  • NYSSBA Representative: 
    Dory Masefield, Delegate
    Lynn Lillian, Alternate
  • Orange County School Board Assoc. (OCSBA):
    Bill Fanos, Delegate
    Sharon Davis, Alternate