Artist of the Week: Meghan Broking


Artist of the Week: Meghan Broking

April 30, 2024

Meghan Broking, a senior at Warwick Valley High School, has grown up loving art, inspired by her great-grandmother’s oil paintings. Her own work not only illustrates her passion for the arts and her deep appreciation for personal and artistic growth, but also a focused pursuit that will lead her toward her goal– a career in art.

“Growing up, my grandmother’s oil paintings were always around the house, and that inspired my drawing,” said Meghan. “I’ve been drawing my whole life, but it was around middle school that I started to consider it as a career. That’s when I started getting into art even more.”

When Megan got to WVHS, she was inspired by the wealth of opportunities offered to her by the art department. She began to take more art classes and experiment with different media, trying new techniques and building on her versatility.

“Personally, I’ve never even tried oil painting,” laughed Meghan, “but I definitely would love to. Usually, I like watercolor and digital illustration. I also like acrylic painting, but I’m not very good at it.”

Meghan is a visual artist whose work tells a story. She often looks to nature, culture, and history as sources of inspiration.

“I’m definitely a storyteller,” said Meghan. “I always try to have a narrative within my art; a second, deeper meaning. I want my art to be very open, and to speak to other people.”One thing that Meghan appreciates about art is that anybody can interpret her art in their own way. She enjoys seeing how others see her art and relate to its different qualities and elements. She invites everyone to find their own meaning in it.

As Meghan continues to work on her visual storytelling style, she has experienced times when she’s felt a lack of creativity and direction, as have many artists. So, what is her technique for breaking through the painter’s block?

“Sometimes it’s easier, instead of focusing on the larger thing, to go back to the basics, like sketching and figure drawing,” she suggests. “Just as long as you keep drawing. When I’m not drawing, I’m kind of bummed out, so I need to be drawing. It’s my passion and that’s all I want to do.”

Meghan regularly submits excellent work in her class with WVHS art teacher Kristen Spano, and many of her pieces have been featured in art exhibitions including the Fuller Moon Arts Festival and the Orange Arts Council Arts Build Confidence Showcase at the Galleria Mall.

Looking ahead Meghan is excited to be enrolling at one of New York City’s most well-known art schools, the Fashion Institute of Technology! She plans to continue working on her storytelling with a major in illustration and hopes to have a concentration in animation. But she’s open to exploring all the different creative avenues available to her in the film industry.

“I’m really excited for the opportunities I’ll be able to have in the city,” Meghan said. “Warwick will always be home but I’m excited for where the future will take me.”

Please enjoy these details taken from larger works by Meghan Broking.


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