Artist of the Week: Hudson Judd


Artist of the Week: Hudson Judd

February 6, 2024

From day one in music teacher Shane Peters’ chorus class, it was clear that WVMS fifth grader Hudson Judd was going to be a big voice in the ensemble.

“Woah! Whose voice is that,” Mr. Peters remembers wondering to himself during one of the first fifth grade rehearsals this year. It was Hudson, who is clear about his love for all things music! Among his earliest musical inspirations, Hudson says it was watching his brothers learn piano that took him from loving to listen to music, to wanting to make music! 

“They inspired me. I started when I was around five years old,” said Hudson. From there, he started playing percussion in the school band, and has always had a love of singing, which finally drew him to chorus. “I was always singing around the house, so I joined Chorus! It just rang a bell for me, because I loved it. ”

Hudson’s own musical tastes include country, jazz, and rock music, sharing that he enjoys listening to singers like Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood.

“I like country because it tells stories. Sometimes they’re sassy and sometimes they’re cool; there’s just all different types,” said Hudson. “I love Jazz because you can just listen to it and it can calm you down. And rock! That’s for when you want to get pumped up, like before a tournament!”

When Hudson says “tournament,” he’s talking about his other passion, athletics! Specifically, Hudson plays lacrosse and soccer, and is a standout on the wrestling team. 

“I like wrestling because it teaches you about life,” Hudson said, adding that he likes how the physical aspect of the sport, and the way athletics helps balance his pursuits in the arts and academics. “I’m currently number two in the state, and I have states coming up in a few weeks, so I’m working hard.”

With all of this going on, Hudson channels plenty of his characteristic go-for-it energy into his academic pursuits too! He regularly achieves honor roll status, and achieved High Honor Roll Status during a busy first marking period this year. Hudson’s hard work is evident in all of his pursuits, and it also motivates those around him.  

“He really sets an amazing example for his peers,” added Mr. Peters. “He never hesitates to sing a solo in class, and he rallies his friends to get them excited about chorus. He’s making a name for himself on the wrestling scene, and has incredible talent in the music world. Hudson is a perfect example that students do not have to ‘stay in one lane’ during their time here at Warwick Valley, you can do it all – thrive at sports and music!” 


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