Artist of the Week: Angelina Nguyen


Artist of the Week: Angelina Nguyen

January 30, 2024

WVHS junior Angelina Nguyen is a community-minded student and musical enthusiast who shows her dedication to her craft and community in many ways.

Music teacher Elissa Maynard says that Angelina is consistently working to improve and do her best, which includes playing piano, ukulele, viola and violin. At the moment, along with WVHS instrumental ensembles and jazz choir, Angelina is hard at work preparing three pieces for this year’s NYSSMA Festival, where she will be performing/competing at NYSSMA Level 6 (on a scale of 1-6) on violin and piano, and Level 5 on viola.

“The higher level pieces are the stressful parts,” said Angelina. “It’s a lot, because it’s not just the notes; it’s also the interpretation. Learning the notes is one thing, but then being able to express it in a way that conveys the message of the song is also very complicated.”

For NYSSMA, students have to prepare a solo piece, perform scales, and sight read, all for adjudication. The higher-level pieces that Angelina is working means that she could qualify for either Area All-State or All-State ensembles, depending on her scores.

Angelina said she has always loved music, and that she began playing piano in the second grade. In fourth grade, when it came time to pick an instrument, she initially thought about learning viola, but ended up going with the violin instead. When COVID struck, Angelina filled some of the forced free time that the pandemic provided with learning the viola. Since then, she has become quite proficient, and is even teaching her younger sister the instrument.

“Music is such a big stress relief, but it can also induce stress,” she said with a chuckle. “But it’s like a big comfort thing for me. Sometimes, school work can be a lot, and with music, I’m able to de-stress from all that.”

Speaking of schoolwork, Angelina is very modest about her regular appearances on the Honor Roll. She would rather talk about the groups and causes she supports in the school and greater Warwick communities. She is a part of the crochet club, advised by none other than Ms. Maynard, who shared that Angelina has been one of the best-selling artists at local Makers Markets. Angelina and Ms. Maynard are particularly proud of the club’s work making and delivering blankets and hats for premature babies at St. Anthony Community Hospital.

Angelina is also part of the Youth Advisory Board of the Warwick Community Center, which meets monthly to brainstorm and organize events. Her role has helped her learn community organizing and leadership skills that she will be able to use going forward.

“Angelina is the queen of community service,” said Ms. Maynard. “She’s an entrepreneur and an artist; she’s the kind of person who earns your respect, and who has a natural gift for leadership and for being kind. Everyone likes her!”



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