AP Psych students attend great thinkers dinner party… as great thinkers


AP Psych students attend great thinkers dinner party… as great thinkers

June 11, 2024

Haven’t we all thought about this fun question… If you were going to host a dinner party, what great thinkers and historical figures would you invite?

This week, students in Jeanine Fogler’s AP Psychology class staged just such a dinner party! They participated in a “Dead Psychologists Dinner Party”, an in-class gathering during which students portrayed the passed psychologist who they most enjoyed learning about this year. The dinner party gave the students a way to share what they learned this year, while honoring the people who have made significant impacts on the world of psychology.

To add some fun to the facts, each student also dressed up as their chosen psychologist, and took on their persona for the duration of the party. They mingled through the mock dinner party in character, chatting with the other psychologists in the room and talking shop as if they were meeting for the first time.

The students’ interactions had to include striking up conversations about theory and viewpoints. The class also made posters and resumes for each of their chosen psychologists. It was a fun way to put their knowledge to the test and celebrate a year of hard work!

Here are some scenes from the Dead Psychologists Dinner Party…


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