Announcement of Senior Projects reinforces culture of applied learning


Announcement of Senior Projects reinforces culture of applied learning

January 11, 2019

Two groups of participants in the Senior Project program pose on stage with advisors, teachers and administrators. A slide projection drop stands between two groups.Warwick Valley is a proud Senior Project high school. The Class of 2019 unveiled its senior projects during a ceremony in the school auditorium, on December 18, 2018. Introduced by program advisors Jeanine Fogler and Nick DiLeo, participating seniors were cheered by family members, faculty, district and school administrators, and keynote speaker Raymond Mark, a WVHS teaching veteran.

Raymond Mark, a veteran math teacher, delivers his keynote address.

Raymond Mark, a veteran math teacher, delivers his keynote address.

Project-based learning and authentic performance opportunities, with real-life connections, are critical experiences for 21st century students. Offered to Warwick’s high school students for the fourteenth consecutive year, the nationally recognized Senior Project program raises learning standards through rigorous and relevant skill applications, and is the ultimate test of graduates’ preparedness for the real world.  

“The Senior Project has become part of our high school culture,” Mrs. Fogler said. “We know this from the feedback we receive from community members, from the teachers and administrators who volunteer their time to work with these students as mentors, and from the judges who come year after year and look forward to seeing the seniors present their projects at Senior Boards.” A group of students sitting in the front of the auditorium.   

Participating students are required to create a college-level project, paper, portfolio and presentation, a.k.a. the 4 Ps. They elect their topics, secure mentors who are experts in their field of choice, engage in copious hours of research, planning and writing, and ultimately present their body of work before a board of judges in June. 

The Senior Project Announcement Ceremony is the students’ first opportunity to formalize their commitment to the program by speaking publicly about their individual projects.

Class of 2019 Senior Projects/Research Topics

David Ab – Short film/High School video & film courses
Jessica Bessler – Ballet costume design/ChoreographyOne student stands at the podium announces her project.
Anika Bucek – The novel/Violence and the media
Katryn Capone – Suicide awareness presentation/Suicide prevention
Alexandra Cleary – Eyes for the blind fundraiser/Guiding dogs and independent living
Kayla Datys – Lacrosse tournament/History of St. Jude’s Hospital
Ryan DiCostanza – Documentary on Warwick/Bias in mainstream mediaOne of the advisors greets a student on stage after she announced her project.
Molly Hamling – Art show/Contemporary art and perception
Averie Helmrich – Humane Society event/Role of non-profit organizations
Katieann King – Welding an art piece/Public artistic expression
Briana Lawrence – National Kidney Foundation fundraiser/Importance of organ donations
Kelly McCullough – March of Dimes fundraiser/Survival of premature babies
Ariana Mendez – Body art and art show/Female sexualization
William Theodore Odell –  Film/Story tellingOn stage, an advisor helps a student find a place to sign her name on a posterboard with the names of all senior project participants.
Kaylee Oelofse – Carpentry dog kennel/Relevance of carpentry
Isabella Pevny – Beautiful People fundraiser/Hiring of individuals with disabilities
Lea Priestner-Werte – Humane Society event/Animal abuse
Kayleen Schnorr – Dance and choreography classes/Therapeutic dance
Ashlin Zanne –  Vegan food event/Veganism as a healthier diet choice

CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to all WVHS Senior Project participants!









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