Facility Use

Facility Use

Information about facility use during the school year

Warwick Valley Central School District is accepting applications for use of district facilities during the school year. All not-for profit community organizations and youth groups are encouraged to plan and submit applications early for indoor/outdoor space during the school year.

School district related activities and events have first priority for scheduling,  and requests by not-for-profit community organizations and local youth groups will be accommodated as space is available. A $20 application fee, along with a current insurance certificate naming WVCSD as additional insured, must be forwarded under separate cover.

Approval for Use of Facilities is not considered final unless appropriate certificates are received within 10 days of your planned event. To supply us with what we need in our efforts to accommodate you, please see the complete list of insurance requirements.

Is your organization thinking about using a district facility?

Visit the “Community View Calendar” to see what dates and times are open. You can search by days, weeks, months, event, organization or building. Then follow the “Facility Use Information” below to get started.

Facility Use Information

Please make note of the following information as it relates to your group or organization.

School, club, class, team or organization

If your activity or event is a fundraiser, (i.e. admission, entry, donation or participation fees charged) or a charity event, please budget for the following fees:

  • High School Auditorium Director (Required): $20 per event
  • Custodial Fee (Required): $70 per hour per custodian
  • Air Conditioning: $7 per hour
  • Lighting, Sound, Stage Crew: $16 per hour
  • Further lighting and sound options are available upon request.

Please be specific when completing the setup requirements for your event.

Community organizations (including Booster Clubs)

In addition to Custodial, AC, Lighting, Sound and Stage Crew fees, a WVHS Auditorium Director fee of $50 per event, along with a $20 application fee, will be invoiced following approval of your event. The custodial fee will include one hour prior to the event to open the building and a minimum of two hours following the event to clean and secure the facility.

Insurance Requirements

  • Please submit an insurance certificate for General Liability Insurance 1M per occurrence/2M aggregate.
  • Warwick Valley Central School District, PO Box 595, Warwick, NY 10990 must be listed on the certificate as additional insured.
  • The General Liability Endorsement ISO CG 20 26 11 85 granting additional insured status must accompany the certificate.
  • Participant coverage must be included in the policy. One certificate is required annually for each group.
  • Also, a 30-day cancellation notice must be provided. The description box must be specific and include building(s) being used, dates and purpose.

Send insurance information:


Notwithstanding any terms, conditions or provisions, in any other writing between the parties, the permittee hereby agrees to effectuate the naming of the district as an unrestricted additional insured on the permittee’s insurance policies with the exception of workers’ compensation.

The policy naming the district as an additional insured shall:

  1.  Be an insurance policy from an A.M. Best rated “secured” or better insurer, authorized to conduct business in New York State. A New York licensed insurer is preferred.
  2. Provide for 30 days notice of cancellation.
  3. State that the organization’s coverage shall be primary coverage for the district, its Board, employees and volunteers.
  4. The district shall be listed as an additional insured by using endorsement CG2026 or broader. The certificate must state this endorsement is being used and a copy of the endorsement must be attached to the certificate of insurance.

The permittee agrees to indemnify the district for any applicable deductibles and self-insured retentions.

The insurance producer must indicate whether or not they are an agent for the companies providing the coverage.

Required Insurance:
Commercial General Liability Insurance, $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate

Permittee acknowledges that failure to obtain such insurance on behalf of the district constitutes a material breach of contract and subjects it to liability for damages indemnification and all other legal remedies available to the district. The permittee is to provide the district with a certificate of insurance, evidencing the above requirements have been met, prior to the commencement of use of the facilities.

Safety notice for community facility users

Please note that the Warwick Valley Central School District has installed three outdoor AED/911 Emergency Boxes at the following locations:

  1. Back wall of the Dorothy C. Wilson Education Center wing of Warwick Valley Middle School
  2. Tim St. Lawrence Track Pavilion
  3. Outside wall of Sanfordville Elementary School, closest to soccer/lacrosse fields

Please notify all appropriate persons within your organizations of this lifesaving equipment in advance of an actual emergency.

I have read and understand the fee schedule as presented above and would like to continue my Application for Use of Facilities at the Warwick Valley Central School District by clicking the link below:

Myschoolbuilding.com (Account #103372872)

For further information about outdoor AED/911 Emergency Boxes, please contact:
The WVCSD Office of Human Relations at (845) 987-3000 ext. 10529.