Ed Talk

Ed Talk

Updates and announcements from each school in the District.

June 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_6.19.24

WVCSD EdTalk_6.12.24

WVCSD EdTalk_6.5.2024

May 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_5.29.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_5.22.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_5.15.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_5.8.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_5.1.2024

April 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_4.24.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_4.17.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_4.10.2024

WVCSD EdTalk_4.3.2024

March 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_3.27.24

WVCSD EdTalk_3.20.24

WVCSD EdTalk_3.13.24

WVCSD EdTalk_3.6.24

February 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_2.28.24

WVCSD EdTalk_2.21.24

WVCSD EdTalk_2.14.24

WVCSD EdTalk_2.7. 24

January 2024

WVCSD EdTalk_1.31.24

WVCSD EdTalk_1.24.24

WVCSD EdTalk_1.17.24

WVCSD EdTalk_1.10.24

WVCSD EdTalk_1.3.24

December 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_12.27.23

WVCSD EdTalk_12.20.23

WVCSD EdTalk_12.13.23

WVCSD EdTalk_12.6.23

November 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_11.29.23

WVCSD EdTalk_11.22.23

WVCSD EdTalk_11.15.23

WVCSD EdTalk_11.8.23


October 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_10.25.23

WVCSD EdTalk_10.18.23

WVCSD EdTalk_10.11.23

WVCSD EdTalk_10.4.23

September 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_9.27.23

WVCSD EdTalk_9.20.23

WVCSD EdTalk_9.13.23


August 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_8.30.23

WVCSD EdTalk_8.23.23

WVCSD EdTalk_8.16.23

WVCSD EdTalk_8.9.23

WVCSD EdTalk_8.2.23

July 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_7.26.23

WVCSD EdTalk_7.19.23

WVCSD EdTalk_7.12.23

WVCSD EdTalk_7.5.23

June 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_6.28.23

WVCSD EdTalk_6.21.23

WVCSD EdTalk_6.14.23

WVCSD EdTalk_6.7.23

May 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_5.31.23

WVCSD EdTalk_5.24.23

WVCSD EdTalk_5.17.23

WVCSD EdTalk_5.10.23

WVCSD EdTalk_5.3.23

April 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_4.26.23

WVCSD EdTalk_4.19.23

WVCSD EdTalk_4.12.23

WVCSD EdTalk_4.5.23

March 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_3.29.23

WVCSD EdTalk_3.22.23

WVCSD EdTalk_3.15.23

WVCSD EdTalk_3.8.23

WVCSD EdTalk_3.1.23

February 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_2.22.23

WVCSD EdTalk_2.15.23

WVCSD EdTalk_2.8.23

WVCSD EdTalk_2.1.23

January 2023

WVCSD EdTalk_1.25.23

WVCSD EdTalk_1.18.23

WVCSD EdTalk_1.11.23

WVCSD EdTalk_1.4.23

December 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_12.28.22

WVCSD Ed Talk_12.21.22

WVCSD EdTalk_12.14.22

WVCSD EdTalk_12.7.22

November 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_11.30.22

WVCSD EdTalk_11.23.22

WVCSD EdTalk_11.16.22

WVCSD EdTalk_11.9.22

WVCSD EdTalk_11.2.22

October 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_10.26.22

WVCSD EdTalk_10.19.22

WVCSD EdTalk_10.12.22

WVCSD EdTalk_10.5.22

September 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_9.28.22

WVCSD EdTalk_9.21.22

WVCSD EdTalk_9.14.22

WVCSD EdTalk_9.7.22

August 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_8.31.22

WVCSD EdTalk_8.24.22

WVCSD EdTalk_8.17.22

WVCSD EdTalk_8.10.22

WVCSD EdTalk_8.3.22

July 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_7.27.22

WVCSD EdTalk_7.20.22

WVCSD EdTalk_7.13.22

WVCSD EdTalk_7.6.22

June 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_6.29.22

WVCSD EdTalk_6.22.22

WVCSD EdTalk_6.15.22

WVCSD EdTalk_6.8.22

WVCSD EdTalk_6.1.22

May 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_5.25.22

WVCSD EdTalk_5.18.22

WVCSD EdTalk_5.11.22

WVCSD EdTalk_5.4.22

April 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_4.27.22

WVCSD EdTalk_4.20.22

WVCSD EdTalk_4.13.22

WVCSD EdTalk_4.6.22

March 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_3.30.22

WVCSD EdTalk_3.23.22

WVCSD EdTalk_3.18.22

WVCSD EdTalk_3.11.22


February 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_2.25.22

WVCSD EdTalk_2.18.22

WVCSD EdTalk_2.11.22

WVCSD EdTalk_2.4.22

January 2022

WVCSD EdTalk_1.28.22

WVCSD EdTalk_1.21.22

WVCSD EdTalk_1.14.22

WVCSD EdTalk_1.7.22

December 2021

WVCSD EdTalk_12.31.21

WVCSD EdTalk_12.24.21

WVCSD EdTalk_12.17.21

WVCSD EdTalk_12.10.21

WVCSD EdTalk_12.3.21

November 2021

WVCSd EdTalk_11.26.21

WVCSD EdTalk_11.19.21

WVCSD EdTalk_11.12.21

WVCSD EdTalk_11.5.21

October 2021

WVCSD EdTalk_10.29.21

WVCSD EdTalk_10.22.21

WVCSD EdTalk_10.15.21

WVCSD EdTalk_10.8.21

WVCSD EdTalk_10.1.21

September 2021

WVCSD EdTalk_9.24.21

WVCSD EdTalk_9.17.21

WVCSD EdTalk_9.10.21

WVCSD EdTalk_9.3.21