Park Avenue fourth graders create their Class of 24 tees


Park Avenue fourth graders create their Class of 24 tees

May 14, 2024

On Friday, May 10, fourth grade students at Park Avenue Elementary spent the afternoon creating their very own Park Ave Class of 2024 tie-dye tee shirts. With only a handful of weeks left in the school year — not to mention the fourth graders’ entire elementary school careers — the students explored their creativity and some nostalgia, designing their tees and looking back on their favorite Park Avenue memories.

Throughout last week, the students worked with art teacher Lisa Martamucci on the tie-dye project. They learned how rolling and tying the fabric in different ways would result in different patterns when unfurled. They experimented with a number of different tie patterns to achieve the look they wanted. On Friday, it was finally time to add color!

The shirts turned out great, and some students said they are excited to wear them during some exciting end-of-year events that they have coming up.

“We can wear them on our field trip or on field day,” offered Sabrina Hoti.  

The project has also been meant as a time of reflection.

“We’re doing this tie-dye project because it’s our last year,” said Kara Ramsey. “Our teachers want us to have something we can remember it by!”

With their final year of elementary school coming to an end, the soon-to-be middle school students reflected on Park Avenue memories, as well as what they are looking forward to in middle school.

“I’m looking forward to sports, because I want to play baseball,” said Blake Vargas, adding that he’s “not that nervous” because he already knows a lot of people who love it at the middle school.

Some students shared their excitement about all of the classes and extracurricular clubs they’ll be able to take. And, just like every year, students are excited to experience the legendary lunch options offered in WVMS cafeteria (they’re looking at you pizza).

Most notably, all of the students shared a similar sentiment, which one student summed up perfectly when she said, “I’ve had really good teachers at Park Ave. I hope I’ll have them at the middle school too!”

Here is a gallery of the fun…


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