School PBIS Behavior Guides

School PBIS Behavior Guides

The schools that are implementing PBIS are Park Avenue Elementary (ROAR), Sanfordville Elementary (PAWS), and the Middle School (ROAR). Scroll down for each schools associated behavior matrix.

Each school utilizes a behavior matrix so students understand the expectations for their behavior. With PBIS, our schools focus on acknowledging the positive instead of the negative.

Park Avenue Elementary Wildcats

Wildcats ROAR
LocationRespect ActionsOutstanding ChoicesAcceptance ActionsResponsibility Actions
Stairwell/HallwayGreet others with soft voices; Pass by classrooms quietly and respectfully; Follow teacher directionsFollow voice code (0 or 1) when by yourself or with others; Keep hands/feet to yourself; Use every step when walking on stairsStay in your own personal space; Greet others with a friendly smile and/or helloStay to the right while traveling in the hallway stairwell; Go directly to your assigned classroom; Use the hand rail
BathroomStay in your own personal space; Use soft voice; Keep hands and feet off the stall wallsUse water, soap and paper towels correctly; Flush toilet after use; Place paper towels in the garbage can after useKnock on the stall door before opening; Wait your turn for the bathroom and sinkKeep restroom clean; Use time wisely; Return directly to your assigned place; Lock stall when entering and unlock when leaving
Cafeteria/LunchGreet adults politely; Respect monitors, custodians and lunch servers; Use indoor voices; Use manners (please, thank you)Respect personal space of others, Follow directions; Stay in assigned lunch area; Line up quietly; Always walkSpeak in quiet voices (1 or 2); Include othersFocus on eating first; Clean up after yourself; Recycle
RecessShare equipment; Talk nicely to others; Take turns; Follow game rulesRespect school property and the property of others; Line up quickly when called; Use equipment properly; Keep hands and feet to yourselfAlow others to play; Be supportive of othersPut equipment where it belongs when done; Get permission to leave recess area; Tell adults about unsafe behavior
ClassroomBe kind; Be polite; Raise your hand and wait your turn to speakBe on time to class; Follow directions for the first time; Be prepared for classBe open minded and patient; Be a good listenerFollow classroom rules; Stay on the task you are working on; Clean up after yourself
BusPolitely greet driver and others on bus; Maintain inside voices; Share seatTake care of your property and others’ property; Keep your area clean; Keep hands and feet to yourselfBe kind to everyone on the busFollow the bus driver’s directions; Stay in your seat; Keep hands and feet inside seat area

Sanfordville Elementary Black Bears

PAWS for Positive Behavior
LocationPolite ActionsAccountable ActionsWise ChoicesSafety First Actions
BusGreet driver and students; Listen to driverRemember all belongingsUse quiet voice; Use appropriate languageStay in seat; Keep hands and feet to yourself
CafeteriaGreet monitor and cafeteria staff; Use good manners; Listen to monitorKeep tables clean; Throw away all garbageEat own lunch; Use quiet voice; Use appropriate languageLine up quietly and carefully
Hallways, Arrivals & DismissalsSmile; Show courtesy to othersPick up any items you see; Go directly to your destinationWalk quietly; Respect hallway displaysStay to the right; Always look forward
BathroomRespect others’ privacy; Lock and unlock stall doorsThrow away all garbage; Return to class promptlyWash and dry hands; 1 flush, 1 pump, 1 pull; Report problems to adultsKeep hands and feet to yourself
PlaygroundListen to monitor; Include others; Respect everyone’s feelingsLine up when whistly blows; Remember all belongingsUse appropriate language; Report problems to monitor; Follow rules of games and activitiesUse equipment properly; Stay in playground area


Middle School

Wildcats ROAR
LocationRespect ActionsOutstanding ChoicesAcceptance ActionsResponsibility Actions
ClassroomBe kind; Be polite; Raise your hand and wait your turn to speakBe on time; Follow directions; Be preparedBe tolerant; Be attentiveFollow classroom rules; Be on task; Clean up after yourself
HallwayTake the most direct route to your destination; Stay to the right; Line up single file if waiting to enter classWalk slowly; Keep hands and feet to self; Use appropriate languageStay within your locker space; Speak in quiet voicesHave a signed hall pass; Keep our halls clean
LunchFollow the ROAR/Paw prints; Use proper manners; Respect monitors, custodians and lunch serversBe on time; Follow directions; Stay in your assigned lunch; Keep food on traySpeak in quiet voices; Include othersStay seated; Clean up after yourself; Recycle
RecessUse inside voices when transitioning; Wait your turn to join a game; Follow instructionsBe on time; Be kind; Keep hands and feet to yourself; Report any problemsShare the equipment; Be supportive of othersUse equipment properly; Get permission to leave the recess area (with pass); Be mindful of other classes