Safety Tips for Parents and Students

Safety Tips for Parents and Students

We are very proud of our safety record and we encourage parents to reinforce these safety tips with their children.

All Warwick Valley School District buses are a safe environment for students to ride. We encourage a positive attitude for students and drivers alike. Safety is a top priority and is everyone’s responsibility.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner during the time they are on a district bus. From the time the students enter the bus until they are discharged at the bus stop, they are under the jurisdiction of the rules and regulations of the school district, as enforced by the school bus driver. Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right and such privilege may be revoked if an individual’s conduct is abusive, dangerous, or destructive. Bus drivers will submit a discipline report of any student misconduct to the Head Bus Driver. The Head Bus Driver will then submit the report to the building principal.

Students crossing the roadway, either to board a bus or after leaving a bus, must cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus at the signal of the bus driver.

Students will board and depart only their assigned bus and only at the established stop. Students may have a different stop in the morning and afternoon, however, each one must be for five days a week. Exceptions will be made only in cases of emergencies or extenuating circumstances and must be requested by the parent in writing or via e-mail to the transportation office.

An emergency change will be given for a specific time and may not be open-ended or on a regular basis.

Following the above student conduct guidelines will ensure that your child will have a positive experience on our buses.

If your child is starting school for the first time, the Transportation Department will furnish detailed guidelines during the screening process. Parents may also contact the transportation office at (845) 987-3035.

Danger Zones

The most important fact that parents must be aware of is the Danger Zone around the outside of a school bus. Despite all of the special mirrors on a bus, drivers may not always be able to see young children who are close to the bus. Everyone near the bus, including students, siblings and pets should stay away from these “danger zones.”

Parents can help by:

  • Encouraging students to stay out of the danger zone and do so themselves.
  • If a child needs to cross the road to get on or off the bus and you meet the bus, please cross with him or her, following the driver’s hand signal.
  • Avoid purchasing traditional yellow raincoats, which blend in with the color of the bus.
  • Remove all jacket and coat drawstrings.
  • Students should keep all belongings in a book bag. Loose items dropped by children can cause them to reach into the Danger Zone.

Help Your Children Be Safe Riders

  • Please have your child waiting at their designated bus stops at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Bus safety drills are conducted with students three times during the school year. The first safety drill is scheduled during the first seven days of school.
  • Children are most vulnerable when they are outside the bus; it is important that children wait for the driver to give them the universal crossing signal and that they check for oncoming traffic once they are no longer protected by the bus and before completely crossing. We must remind children to check right and left before stepping out of the stairwell of the bus for motorists who may pass on the right hand side of a stopped school bus.
  • All items should fit securely in the child’s book bag.
  • Musical instruments too large to fit on a child’s lap are not permitted (they could block an emergency exit during an evacuation). This is also true of oversized book bags with airport-style wheels.
  • If your son or daughter needs to go to an alternative site (i.e.: a babysitter) please notify the school and Bus Garage in writing in a timely way. Special forms are available in the schools, at the Bus Garage and on the website.
  • Bus stop changes will be considered if the current stop presents a safety hazard.


More Information

Please contact the transportation department at (845) 987-3035 if your child has left something on the bus. We have many unclaimed valuables here from last year!