Test to Stay Overview for Students

Test to Stay Overview for Students


Test-to-Stay allows asymptomatic, unvaccinated students and staff who come into contact with an exposure at school (including the school bus) and test negative over a series of days to continue to attend school.


 Requirements for Eligibility:

Test to Stay is an option for school-based close contacts if:

  • The parent chooses to have his/her child participate.
  • The student is free of symptoms.
  • A daily attestation form is filled out by the parent to ensure that the child is symptom-free.
  • The testing is done at the child’s home in accordance with the school nurse-approved testing cadence timeframe.



Initial Determination

Families will be informed by school personnel that their students are a school-based close contact.

  •   Vaccinated and asymptomatic: Continue to attend school
  • Unvaccinated and asymptomatic: Will be provided the option to Test to Stay or quarantine


If Quarantine is selected:

Participants will be provided further guidance by the school nurse


 If Test to Stay is selected, participants will be provided:

  • (2) At Home Rapid Test Kits (each kit includes 2 tests for a total of 4 tests.)
  • School nurse-approved testing cadence timeframe.


Test to Stay Specifics:

Participants will:

  • Pick up At Home Rapid Test Kits from the student’s respective school 
  • Complete up to three  (3)  at-home COVID-19 tests during the seven (7) day period following exposure according to the School nurse-approved testing cadence timeframe.
  •  Submit electronically Test Result Attestations. An electronic form will be sent when a student needs to participate in the Test to Stay protocol
  • Continue to attend school/report to work as long as COVID-19 Test Results are negative and asymptomatic